Monday, October 25, 2010

RARE 50¢/1 Ground Beef - any size, brand

Here’s a RARE coupon for $0.50 off ANY Ground Beef Purchase…but it takes a little work!

  1. Go to Souped-Up Suppers.
  2. At the very bottome of the page, click on “Free Code Play“
  3. Enter your code and email address in the boxes provided.
  4. In the “Grocer name” box, type in one letter of the alphabet.
  5. When you type in the beginning letter a drop down box will appear with all the available stores.(I saw IGA, Safeway, and Target Superstore)
  6. Choose your store and click “Check Your Code” (you either win a cart full of groceries or a 50¢ coupon).
  7. On the next page, fill in your info (all fields required) and then you’ll be prompted to print your coupon.
  8. Coupon prints as a manufacturer coupon: Save 50¢ off any ground beef purchase. Coupon valid only at “store name”
I have never seen this type of coupon before, but it's worth a try!

(Thanks, Coupon Katarina!)

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